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A Festival Tour of Medieval Kathmandu Valley

Day To Day Itinerary

DAY 01: Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to hotel (overnight in hotel).

You may have free time during the day depending on what time you arrive. A briefing will be given by our trekking leader in the late afternoon. He will discuss our trekking program in detail. The evening is free, but usually our tour leader will ask if the travellers want to have a group dinner (optional and at the traveller's own expense) at one of Kathmandu’s fine Nepali restaurants.

DAY 02: Sightseeing of Baudha, Pashupatinath and Monkey Temple in Kathmandu city.

DAY 03: Visit different festival sites in Bhaktapur and observe the festival.

8:00 AM:         Pick up from Bhaktapur Tourist Bus Park at Byasi

8:15 AM:         Briefing of the entire day program with hands out

8: 30 AM:        Refreshment at the guest house

9:00 AM;         Visit to Pottery Square to watch the first pole erection live with the locals

11;12 AM:       Free Time for shopping at the pottery square

12:15 PM:       Visit Durbar Square

1:15 PM:         Lunch

2:15 PM:         First round visit to Bhelukhel where the 2nd pole as a mark of the beginning of Nepali new year is erected in the evening

3:15 PM:         Visit to Taumadhi Square

4:30 PM          Visit to Ghahiti to watch the Chariot pulling live

5:15 PM          Visit to Bhelukhel for the main event

7 / 8:00 PM:    Dinner

9:00 PM:         Departure to the hotel

DAY 04: Sightseeing of Bhaktapur followed by some cultural exploration before observing the second day of the event later in the afternoon.

8:00 AM:         Breakfast

9:00 AM:         Briefing of the 2nd day program with hands out

9:30 AM:         Visit to Dattatreya Square

11:00 AM:       Free Time for shopping

12:00 AM:       A special visit to a typical newari house to experience the typical newari lifestyle

1:30 PM:         Lunch

3:00 PM:         Visit to different locations for live cultural experience

5:00 PM:         Visit to Bhelukhel for the 2nd day main event

7:00 PM:         Dinner

DAY 05: Drive to Nagarkot (overnight in hotel).

DAY 06: Drive back to Kathmandu followed by sightseeing of Kathmandu durbar square in the afternoon.

DAY 07: Final departure.