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As tourism grows in Nepal, the concept of Community Tourism is taking place with the assistance of International Non-Government Organisations. With the aim of developing sustainable tourism and income for the local communities, INGOs engage with local government and communities. They provide support and training on sustainable tourism to the locals in Nepal. Models of community tourism have been tested by INGOs in Nepal and have produced successful examples to the rest of the world.


Through education, the local communities are taught the importance of preserving their culture and environment to attract tourism. By implementing set community tourism models, tourism brings a positive and sustainable influence to the Nepali people and environment. It can provide a fair income to the local people without the negative impact on the environment which is common in areas where no community tourism model has been set up; Everest & Annapurna. These destinations where the community tourism model is set up show an authentic experience to the tourist.



  • Money is put back into the community; through infrastructure development, education, health and awareness programs.
  • Everything is local; the accommodation (homestays), the produce and products used, the people employed and activities on offer.
  • Community spread employment and income opportunities.


Local communities are trained in

  • Preparing and hosting tourists.
  • Providing clean environments, accommodation and food.
  • Human hygiene issues and disease management.
  • Water resource management.
  • Human and animal waste management.
  • Usage of alternative energies away from fossil fuels.
  • The importance of environment and cultural conservation.




The Tamang Heritage trail is one very successful and popular destination. Homestays are organised by the host family, who are selected in turn so that all in the community have the opportunity to host and share the benefits. A warm welcome and dance is shown by the wider community to the tourist. The trail follows an ancient trading route of the Nepalese and Tibetans and takes you through exhilarating wilderness into the rustic Tamang Villages. Money put into this region is put towards women’s empowerment, local livelihood and conservation.


SIRUBARI - NEPAL’S FIRST TOURISM MODEL VILLAGE                                                   

Here you are welcomed into the village with flowers and dances, invited into the homes of locals, fed traditional home cooked food and shown entertainment in the form of traditional Gurung and Nepali dancing during the evening- which you are free to join in.  This is a great chance to really understand local culture as you are treated as part of the family.  At this village you can observe the developments that the community have supported and funded through this form of tourism; primary health facility with a doctor, veterinary clinic, agricultural service centre, plant nursery and reforestation program.


Making the choice to see Nepal through these community tourism models will have the most positive impact on the future of Nepal’s tourism. As a tourist, your heart will be warmed by the experience to immerse yourself with the genuinely friendly people of Nepal. A real chance to experience the aspects of day to day life, it will leave you with many happy, lasting memories and the knowledge you are supporting a positive future for the communities involved.




Chitwan National Park is a well-known area. Located on the Terai, it is home to a wide range of unique wildlife such as the Bengal tiger, white horned rhino and Asian elephant.  The Chepang Hill trek takes you through the unexplored hillside of Chitwan, exposing you to the remote homelands of the Chepang people. One of the indigenous communities of Nepal, the Chepang people have distinct cultural traditions and a semi-nomadic lifestyle. Being a marginalized population of Nepal, this trek is aimed to educate both Nepali and foreign visitors on the Chepang culture while generating income possibilities for the local Chepang people. Chitwan is an area of moderate altitude conditions and comfortable climate.



This is a first of its kind in Nepal. This trek is through relatively low elevation areas (3,000m or below) and along the way you will encounter many of the ethnic groups and cultures of Nepal.  Stretching from Annapurna and Dhaulagiri in the West to Numburchuili and Kanchenjunga in the East, exposing trekkers to the most culturally diverse regions of Nepal. It provides stunning natural beauty and marvellous viewpoints along the way.



The villages of Samari and Nuwakot both lie in Nuwakot district of Nepal. Although these villages lie  just a few hours drive from Kathmandu, life over here moves at a much slower pace than in the city.  Filled with old traditional Nepali houses and farms these villages are no different from the many mid-hill villages in Nepal .


Visiting Samari & Nuwakot villages offers a unique opportunity to experience Nepal outside the classic tourist areas. Devoid of tourist groups, you enjoy a leisurely stay at these villages, interacting with the villagers and exploring the village on your own. Options for volunteering services are also open for those wishing to help in the development of the village.


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